“The Well Traveled Fork” Pilot


Watch Chef Bette Fraser as she travels to a local farm to teach us where the real food journey begins!

Chef Bette’s philosophy for a great meal is simple; buy local products from organic farmers and let the seasonal food speak for itself. Bette has been a chef, candy maker, and caterer for over twenty years. She’s trained in Italy, France, and across the United States; having tasted and tested recipes from coast to coast. Her love of cooking extends to teaching as well. And she’s right at home pairing food and wine with masterful results. Chef Bette is a dynamic personality offering tours, tastings, and insight into the culinary bounty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We’re passionate about food—about where it comes from—about how it’s prepared and presented—about how it’s grown. We also get enormous satisfaction from eating it!

That love of food, its importance to our health and our commitment to supporting locally produced products underlies everything we do at The Well Traveled Fork.

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