Kisumé is a contemporary experience that’s built on duality. It’s where the traditionalist and the modern artist meet. Our cuisine draws on the purity of Japanese food culture and injects it with a uniquely Australian sensibility. Here, each visit will be different from the last: Kisumé is a journey that constantly evolves.

Kisumé’s philosophy is built on the belief that true dining should be an honest representation of the land and waters that surround a restaurant. The seasonality of Australia’s land and seas forms our menu, day-to-day.

Senior Executive Chef K.S Moon embodies Kisumé’s respect of providence. He selects Kisumé’s daily fish one-by-one, evaluating each for freshness, for size and for “spirit”.

Korean by birth, Japanese by sensibility, Chef Moon is renowned for his unparalleled understanding of Japanese culture and cuisine and is a much celebrated sushi master with a career spanning 21 years. He spent his early career travelling back and forth between seoul and Tokyo. in Japan, he carefully observed technique, in Korea and around the world, he meticulously practiced it. Chef Moon focused on processes and methods used by the great sushi chefs of Japan, where he took the ancient edo-mae practices and then elevated the experience through modern contemporary innovations. moon is blowfish (fugu) certified – a yearlong process of precision training and exhaustive examinations that exemplify his dedication to culinary mastery.

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